Dear Friend,

As a compliment to BIM users, I would like to give away few copies of 'Revit Platinum Ticket' on behalf of my website to those interested and can understand Malayalam language (apologies to non-Malayalam users).

'Revit Platinum Ticket' is a collection of recordings of Revit support classes that I conducted online in Malayalam language aiming to help native users embrace BIM technology.

RPT (Revit Platinum Ticket) discusses more than 1000 Revit topics over 150 hours of my support classes during my stay at Kerala, where I also served as a BIM lecturer for the students of M.Arch Advanced Computer Studio Program at DG College of Architecture.

These class recordings focus on creating a residence in Revit from the ground up. As the project progresses, I discuss a wide range of topics in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step format.

I used an electronic white board to explain concepts, make quick sketches, take screen shots, and outline procedures.

While working as BIM Specialist and Revit Trainer at BurtHill Dubai, it was my dream to produce helpful recordings covering various topics in Revit like the industry expert, Paul F.Aubin does. And now here it is in Malayalam...

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-Subair Shamsudheen

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